Culture Container highlights December 2015

Finally the end of the year comes with very great artists and sure with great pictures too.

Following artists are in the gallery: Anna Morley, Carson, III Maury III, NO!, Medulla, Africaine 808, Cats & Breakkies and Bakery

Culture Container highlights November 2015

Culture Container highlights November 2015 with Ed Prosek, Neil Thomas, Sway Clarke, Dominic Donner, Hippie End Love Resonator, Declan Guckian, Call Me Cleo, Stephen Paul Taylor, Vincent Sala, WHSKS

Culture Container highlights April 2015

The April highlights this year at Culture Container this time with: Wreckheads, Whisky & Rhymes, Marcel & Herr Wiesner, San Ima, Sit in Music, Dieselknecht and The Wild Circus

Culture Container highlights March 2015

Here are the highlights in March 2015 at Culture Container with:

Hannes Kreuziger, Romano Licker, Laura Guidi, Marcel und Herr Wiesner, The Wildfires, Anomalia Chikh, My Secret Session, The Sunpilots, Anne Haight, Perfekte Wände and Die Outlanders

Culture Container highlights February 2015

Live music recording sessions at Culture Container Berlin with: The Hoo and „Markuz und der Mann der da steht“

Culture Container Highlights Janurary 2015

31Culture Container highlights Janurary 2015 with:

Mathis Hagedorn, Shoob and Stefan Dittrich

Culture Container Best Of 2014

The best pictures of recording sessions at Culture Container in the year 2014 With pictures of: Louise Gold & Quartz Orchestra, Johnny Zabala, Fat City Rollers, Alex Maiorano & the Black Tales, Band Deutscher Mädels, Charlie Weathers, Charlie Winston, Die Outlanders, Rico Repotente, Soda Fabric, The Say Highs, Slime The Boogie, The Trouble Notes, Rico Loop, Zero Boy, Fredrik Kinbom and G-Punkt Effekt

Culture Container Best Of 2013

The best pictures of recording sessions at Culture Container in the year 2013. With pictures of: Banda Veleno, Mike Penny and his Moonshiners, Rathaus Ramblers, Saudia Young and Band, Der Franz, Max Paul Maria, Elyas Khan, Rob Longstaff, Missfeld, Freeborn Brothers and Trailhead.