Highlights January 2016

Here are the highlights of January 2016 with following artists:

Joel Alas, BLANKS,Supercomfortable, The Rad Dads, Open Mike Eagle, Milly Blue, Leonora Hesse, Laura Guidi, ROCKN ROLLF BERLIN

Sunrise at Gasometer Berlin-Schöneberg

An impressive Sunrise at the Gasometer Berlin-Schöneberg. Thanks to Sascha for this unique experience. And watch this timelapse video of the sunrise or down below of this post.

Gasometer session part two…

The second session at the Gasometer Schöneberg with an industrial sunset with the Reuter power plant in the front.

Gasometer Berlin-Schöneberg

Inspection of the Gasometer Berlin-Schöneberg. Height: 78 meter diameter 65 meter perimeter: ca. 200 meter. View: Fantastic!