Culture Container highlights December 2015

Finally the end of the year comes with very great artists and sure with great pictures too.

Following artists are in the gallery: Anna Morley, Carson, III Maury III, NO!, Medulla, Africaine 808, Cats & Breakkies and Bakery

Skate session with Bernard at „Dog Shit Spot“ Berlin

A spontaneus session at 38 degrees Celsius with my good friend Bernard at the „Dog Shit Spot“

Gasometer session part two…

The second session at the Gasometer Schöneberg with an industrial sunset with the Reuter power plant in the front.

recontructed data of the c-base cience ring

Second image reconstruction session in the secret laboratories of prof. Kirsch at the science ring at c-base. Data of the „Siri“ probe gave us important information of the work in the labs.

c-base first session with Prof. Kirsch

The secret laboratories of Prof. Kirsch